For some years, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB or IADB) has been promoting the rental of housing in Latin America, highlighting the benefits of this market, in addition to promoting the implementation of housing policy guidelines in this line, giving alternatives in relation to policies that have promoted homeownership. On the other hand, several OECD reports on Chile, propose to promote the housing rental market to promote labor mobility.

Greater Concepción is the third-largest conurbation in Chile, composed by 10 communes, and had a population of 971,285 at the 2017 census. Its principal city is Concepción (223,574), known as the capital of business tourism in Chile, the bohemian lifestyle, and for being the county with the top higher education institutions per capita in all the country. So, this means that to invest in this area is a great oportunity, considering the high floating population that resides here.

Mario Herrera Propiedades is a family owned real estate agency, based in Concepción, Chile, with more than 40 years of experience in many aspects of real estate: from trade and rent, to investment coaching. Currently we manage around 40 real properties for sale, and close to 60 real properties for rent, from Valparaíso Region in the north, to Chiloé Island in the south. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. Our aim is to establish relationship based on integrity, trust, care and respect.

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